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Blade CX4 RTF EU Mode 2


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    Blade is always searching for new ways to build confidence and teach new pilots how to fly. It all started with the CX2, which began an era of helicopter convenience and a time where anyone could pick up a transmitter and learn to fly.

    With the Blade CX4 helicopter, learning to fly is fun, not frustrating. The self-stabilizing characteristics of its coaxial, counter-rotating blades make hovering easy. So easy in fact, you’ll look like a pro after just a few flights.

    You’ll find that with its large size, the CX4 is easy to fly and well suited for novice heli pilots. Hinged and rubber over-moulded main blades offer safer operation, and the landing gear is rubber-mounted to help absorb rough landings, reducing the change of broken parts from minor incidents.
    The CX4 sports a modern full-body fuselage, including an LED spotlight and flashing navigation tail-light for those low-light missions around the house.


    Swashplate Type: 135 deg
    Length: 500mm
    Height: 250mm
    Width: 70mm
    Flying Weight: 414g
    Main Rotor Diameter: 457mm
    Main Rotor Blade Length: 205mm
    Main Motor Type: Brushed 360 size
    Battery: 800mAh 11.1V 30C LiPo
    Approximate Flight Time: 7-8 minutes